Boy Published His Fourth Book At The Age Of 15

A high school student named Tomie Mickai Williams had published his first book “Mighty Boy” in the year 2015 when he was just a 10 year old kid. About four years later, this boy wrote three other books and got them published and has been writing his fifth book these days. He had written a two book series for Mighty Boy and the new series has been named “Spirit Swords”. Two Spirit Swords books have already been written and published while the third one has been worked upon.

Tomie once said that nothing had ever beaten the feeling of finishing off something that you had been working on for a very long period of time. He also told that he had been very thankful for his classmates who were super supportive and helpful. He even said that if his classmates would have had criticized him or made fun of him, he would have simply ignored them.

All of Tomie’s books were fiction and had been concentrated on the fights between superheroes and villains. He tells that his five year experience had helped him a lot to understand how to market his books. His father had assisted him to shoot a commercial that promoted his books for sale to Amazon, Apple Books and at Barnes and Noble. Sales of all of his books had been pretty good. He claimed that he had earlier received a review on Barnes and Nobles. He told that he was extremely happy because it was a 5 star review; they liked his book a lot.

Tomie said that he enjoyed writing a lot. He had even planned to go to a college as he did not want his studies to be affected. But he would still continue writing as an adult. He had struggled a lot and had faced many difficulties and challenges in his life, but had inspired and motivated a lot of people as he shared the way he overcame those situations. He gave an advice to people saying that if you had really wished to do something, there would have been no reason that could stop you from doing it. He surely encourages a lot of people and had been an inspiration for many.