Boy Puts a Note On Jaguar For A Lift To Prom, Owner Agrees

Prom is a spot where teens show their fashion sense. Some teens outsmart others and wish to be cool. This is done by arriving at prom in luxurious vehicles. While others become ecstatic by wearing stylish clothes. For the boys, it is their suit and for the girls it is their gown.

One of the boys, Olen did something extraordinary stuff for the prom. He arrived at the prom in F-Type Jaguar. This car was driven by an unknown person. It’s the fantasy of the teens to hire a fancy car to reach the venue. Olen truly did this. He is a teen from Lancaster. Aged, 16 he was a step ahead amongst all of his age. This is because of the fascinating arrival at the prom.

Olen passed by F-Type Jaguar while going to the school regularly. Every morning he used to see this alluring car. It was a dazzling blue sports car. One day, Olen was struck with an idea. He planned to leave a note on the car. He did so. He wrote a note for the driver and put it on the sports car.

Olen Howden attended Ripley St. Thomas Church of England Academy in Lancaster. Being a 16- year old kid, he unhesitatingly asked for a trip to prom. He put forward a question about a lift to the prom. This trip was demanded to a complete unknown driver.

Olen had no information about this person. He was unaware of the identity of this driver. He was Dr. Marwan Bukhari. He was the Consultant Rheumatologist for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust. He was extremely delighted to do so. Hence he agreed to help him.


Olen’s this act of reaching prom in a stunning sports car didn’t fail to excite and stir people around. This young man’s granny Svatava Hrazdilova and his sister, Bela Howden adored him going to the prom in the glint sports car- Jaguar. Nevertheless, the youth at prom would be astonished, influenced and galvanized by this too.

But this special story doesn’t end right here. There is something more to know. The Olen’s family opted to make a bountiful donation to a national arthritis charity. This was in exchange for Dr. Bukhari’s kind act. The two events clashed. The prom was on the twenty of June and the Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week was going simultaneously.

Olen claims that he felt nice that he donated for the community. His aim in life is to be rich. He wants to earn that amount of money, that he can have his own Jaguar. Even the Howden family believes that a doctor is a kind man. This is evident when Olen’s granny calls driver, the doctor a kind person. Moreover, the grandmother firmly believes that Olen is a fortunate kid.