Boy Wrote Heartwarming Note To Teacher, Inviting Him To Pub

The boy, named Alfie, wrote a message in response to a letter from his PE teacher, Mr. George. In the letter addressed to the youngster, he told that how amazing it had been to teach him. It was shared online by Alfie’s mom, who explained that the teacher had claimed Alfie to be a ‘superstar’ and sang the praise of him for always having a bright outlook.

She then uploaded the image of the sweet note written by her son. It addressed Mr. George as the best PE teacher he ever had. The boy thanked his teacher for helping him throughout and said that it would be nice to meet him at a pub ‘one day’.


Alfie’s mother shared the picture of the note on Facebook, where she said that her son was suffering from cerebral palsy. It was a condition that made his movement and coordination difficult. The captain said that she just wanted to show everyone the letter her son got from his favorite mentor who left the school the day before.

She told the users on Facebook that her son was just eight years old and had cerebral palsy which for those who didn’t know what it was, he has damage to his brain and problems with muscles. He could only move his one arm/hand and could walk short distances. For long distances, he was forced to use a wheelchair.

She was overwhelmed with that letter and was so proud that her son was accomplishing things that she never thought were possible. There was a time where doctors gave her word that Alfie wouldn’t ever walk or talk and here, he was getting letters from his PE coach about how great he was.

She had also attached his son’s reply which she found very funny and it was all his own words. She summed up by saying that one should never give up. Just like her son, anyone could attain anything with the right determination. She also said that she would like to give people hope as she knew how it felt to be an SEN mom and not be able to predict the future and what things their children would achieve.

She also disclosed that Alfie attended a normal school. She felt that every school must have a guide like Coach George. After she shared the picture in a parenting group on Facebook, other users commented on the post praising the little one for his letter.

One person wrote that how emotional it would be in 10 years to have their picture chilling at a pub. Another wrote that she should tell the whole story ‘one day’ if they ever meet at the pub. A third user added that he absolutely loved it and Alfie’s letter was the best.