Boyfriend Pranks His Girlfriend Posing As Dead For Two Hours

Pranks are supposed to be funny and harmless and with its boundaries. Recently though, pranking has become a widespread culture with people pushing its boundaries extremely low. We have heard cases of pranking gone bad with people even facing dire consequences; and while this case might be a tad bit low comparative to those, it still might not be less than horror.

Time and again, people often forget how cruel can a prank be for someone. This case is no other different. Traumatized by the incident, the woman took her story to reddit.

She wrote, “I’m so devastated and hurt now. Everyone tells me to lighten up and that it’s ‘hilarious’. My boyfriend of seven years was going to come last night after work to take us out. I was waiting at his mom’s house when I received a call from the police, saying that he died in a car crash. I’m sitting there crying for two hours, and the family is comforting me”. The boyfriend’s family was also on it and spend two hours comforting her and watching her in despair. And nobody dared told her that it was a prank.


And now here comes the grand entry. “Then he comes with flowers and people are taking videos of him, and him and his family are all laughing while I am crying my eyes out. I can see there my be a cultural barrier because they are from a Mexican/Spanish background , that it might be funny in other cultures, but, any time I try to tell him how wrong this was he just laughs and says it was the greatest April fools prank ever done. Everyone I tell tells me to lighten up and that it’s hilarious.”

Well, it doesn’t seem hilarious to us. Various people have come out to support the woman. One wrote, “I’m Hispanic. If my husband pulled something like this I’d be livid”. Another person felt that there’s a big difference between a fun little April Fools prank and making your loved one think you were dead for two hours is not a cultural thing.