Bride Annoyed By Stepmother-In-Law’s Cream Colored Gown At The Wedding

A snapshot of the situation was shared on Reddit where the bride’s husband-to-be was seen walking the aisle, wearing a black suit as he carried a white rose in his buttonhole. At the same moment, a lady who wore a cream-colored dress, who happened to be the girlfriend of his father was seen walking towards the opposite side to grab a seat, clearly moving past the groom.

Annoyed by the act of this woman, the bride was upset that later instead of apologizing the woman further ignored them and acted as if she didn’t cause and annoyance during the wedding. The bride was infuriated by her as she not only ruined her big day but also didn’t have the courtesy to apologize for her mistake. The clipping that was shared on Reddit went viral and it was captioned, “Father-in-law’s girlfriend ruined our wedding ceremony by walking in front of my husband down the aisle and proceeded to ignore just the entire weekend.”


As the bride wanted to know about what others thought of the situation, she shared the video on Reddit and to her support, a lot of people voiced their opinion in her favor. Some joined her in calling her step-mother-in-law as an inconsiderate person who obliviously performed the stunt consciously to grab everyone’s attention. She received immense support from the platform as people agreed that she had a fair reason to get annoyed with her step-mother-in-law.

The comment section was bombarded as people posted their viewpoints. A person hilariously said that taking a closer look at the video it’s evident noticing the groom’s facial expression that he wasn’t surprised by what the woman did, maybe he was used to her attention-seeking stunts. Another added sarcastically, “Hey look she gave you the gift of free comedy. I didn’t know that clowns were still popular.” The commenter further added that the only way the bride can move on from it is by taking it as a comedy.

While some also made the color of her step-mother-in-law’s dress a point of discussion. Some commented that how can she wear a color that is almost so close to white, she is a definite attention grabber. A person added that she is wearing off-white deliberately to get all the eyes on her, she cares nothing about the bride.

Someone also added, “Not only is it off-white enough to be cringe at a wedding, but the actual color is also god-awful.” The comment section also had a few people who did not criticize the woman to that extent as they thought that though she made a mistake, the color of her dress should not be blamed as it was beige, which was okay.