Bride Asks Bridesmaid To Lose Weight After She Outgrew Her Dress

Due to lock down the 24-year-old bride has planned to walk down the aisle in October provided the coronavirus does not make it more difficult for her to plan her wedding that what it already is. Also if the guidelines and social distancing norms are in her favor she will walk down the aisle with her bridesmaid in October.

The bride is having an issue with her bridesmaid, named Mila who is her close friend and cousin. The bride shared: For whatever reason, Mila has been gaining a lot of weight over the past few months, and I’d estimate she’s up 30-40 pounds since last fall. We went dress shopping in October, and since I ended up picking a somewhat expensive eggplant velvet dress to match the autumn theme, I told my bridesmaids I’d pay.”

The bride is financially blessed and offered to pay. But Mila informed her that she has put on some weight and would be needing a new dress for the wedding. The bride shared: “Unfortunately, the style is not available in plus sizes and would need to be custom made, if it’s possible to get at all.” It is right for the bride to be worried because considering the situation it is not sure whether she will be able to get a new custom made a dress for her bridesmaid or not.

AITA for asking my bridesmaid to lose weight after she “grew out of” her dress? from AmItheAsshole

The bride shared her feeling and wrote: “I already paid for her dress, and I think it’s inconsiderate for her to put on weight when she knows she won’t fit the dress. She’s honestly been really entitled in assuming I’ll just figure it out and replace her dress at my expense. Plus, there’s the bulls–t of calling a weight gain ‘growing out’ of something, as if her own choices had nothing to do with it.”

Well, one thing the bride forgot is everybody is dealing with the virus at their homes in their way. And most of the population has put on extra weight. One cannot guarantee what other person is going through. But without thinking and considering possible facts the bride reacted. The bride further shared: “I texted [Mila] last week and told her my issues. I said that I really wanted her in the wedding, but the dress was presenting issues. I gently asked her to go back to the size she was last fall.”

Her bridesmaid never responded to the text but started spreading negative thoughts about the bride. There was a mixed reaction to the story shared by the bride. Some think Mila is right and others think that the bride is right with what she did. But what everyone can do is stay at home and do not add to anyone’s miseries.