Bride Decides To Exclude Her Good Friend From The Wedding As Her Heavy Chest Does Not Fit In The Bridesmaid Dress

What happens at weddings doesn’t really stay there! By weddings, we mean, the behind-the-scenes of the preparations that are mostly in the hands of the bride-to-be. In this one particular instance, bride-to-be excluded a really good friend from being her bridesmaid as her chest size was “too large” for the bridesmaid dress.

There are a lot of things during the wedding preparations that don’t really go as planned. The bride-to-be has so many decisions to make and just sometimes, those decisions do not really please everyone. We are not saying that it is crucial to have everyone’s agreement on a particular thing but when that decision feels so wrong, people should have a say in it!

This bride-to-be shared her “opinions” on Reddit about not choosing one of her really close friends as a bridesmaid and her reason for this is bizarre and makes absolutely no sense. She was so into that “perfect wedding” zone that she did not realize the wrong decisions she was making on the way.

The bride-to-be was asking her close friends to be the bridesmaids but when she thought about this one friend, she was unsure of the “consequences” as that friend had a “massive” chest. A bizarre reason, right? But wait till you know why this woman had a comparatively larger size! She had a disorder involving hormones that led to this unusual growth. This can happen to anyone but unfortunately, this bride-to-be was not ready to accept that.

People who read her post were furious and were quick to tell her that what she was considering does not make any sense and is obviously, not fair.

The bride-to-be also wrote in her post that she wanted her bridesmaids to be dressed all same and in a strapless dress which was not possible for that one friend as she could not wear strapless bras, in fact,she would only be able to “fit” in a dress which has sleeves and is customized especially for her.

She added that even the thought of the bridesmaids wearing different dresses had her mind diving into stress. The other reason for anxiety is that the guests at her wedding would probably be giving attention to that friend more than herself. This just sounds weird to us!

People were not having it with her thoughts and started giving examples and instances from their personal life where the bridesmaid or the best man were suffering from some kind of disability but still the whole wedding went slick as a whistle.

Weddings are all about sharing some wonderful moments with your loved ones and throwing out all the negativity. Your friends and family are the happiest when you are getting married and that’s the only important thing! We hope this bride-to-be understood this and made the right choices.