Bride Found Out Her £7.5K Engagement Ring Is Fake

A woman explained on her Facebook post how her friend was living in disbelief that her engagement ring was actually special. It was rather fake and about to turn her partner’s world upside down as he had been paying the ring’s price for the last two years.

For sure, the bride wasn’t ready to accept the fact in the beginning but after a while, their agitation cleared up. The bride-to-be was presented with such a beautiful ring but it also had a £7500 price tag on it. So, her fiancé chose to pay its price in installments. They both were in a whimsical world while contemplating an original ring that this man had bought. As soon as the bride-to-be showed her engagement ring to her friend, they discovered the charade and had their dreams shattered.

This woman could easily find out that the “diamond and platinum” ring wasn’t real and also posted it on a Facebook group “That’s it, I’m wedding shaming.” She apprised how observing the scratched diamonds became the first reason for her doubt. Initially, she was also bewildered to know its price. She said: “The platinum [was] worn down, buffed with thousands of tiny scratches. That’s when I turned the ring over to see the benchmarks on the ring – I see a big CZ and 925 in the ring.”

With her observation, it was conspicuous that the couple was paying such a huge amount for something that’s not even close to being such expensive. Only after the bride collected some facts about the CZ and 925, she knew that they had been deceived. It’s actually a ring made of sterling silver and cubic zirconia. The bride informed her partner about the whole pretense and they quickly rushed to the jewelers.

After two days, they knew that the ring they got was just worth £10 at the tops and had nothing like platinum or diamond. The woman added to her post: “Turns out, [the jeweler] sold them the dummy demo that’s worth maybe £10, and took the payments for the £7.5k ring for two years. Mind you, she’d had the ring serviced during that time. So, they knew what was up and said nothing to them.”

Finally, they were relieved when the ring got replaced with an original one without any extra charge, and to apologize for the hassle, the jeweler gave few payments back to the couple.