Bride Plans To Charge Guests Who Didn’t RSVP To Her Invitation

Facebook is one of the ways where people can communicate their thoughts to the world. The bride shared her view on the wedding crashers and wanted to create an extra table for the wedding crashers. Wedding crashers were usually the people who come unannounced to the wedding and the people who forget to RSVP their invites. She wanted to name this table ‘shame table’. She wanted to know that if it seems that she is being too mean about the whole thing.

She thought of charging them for the food at the wedding. She had a wedding group made on Facebook. The bride wanted to have a foldable table for the unexpected guests. The wedding would probably have a food truck so the wedding crashers will have to buy their own food. If they give every guest a plate then there would be no food for the guests that did not RSVP. She was sure that her parents would have invited people without concerning her.

The bride-to-be was curious to know opinion of the other future brides. She was trying to gauge their attention to know their reaction to the idea of charging the wedding crashers. The bride will create a separate table for the wedding crashers and maybe there will be no decoration on that table. The name card will imply that they didn’t RSVP but still wanted to come or still wanted to celebrate, changed it to not sound that mean. She didn’t want to seem rude by doing the whole thing.


She updated everyone that the table will be not be called as the shame table, it will have a cloth on the top it, just for the people who didn’t RSVP. The comment section had a contrasting opinion about this whole idea. Some were praising her while others found her to be impolite. The bride did not want to seem cheeky and embarrass the guests, but she didn’t either want to pay for the extra food.

People had varied opinions on the whole idea. Instead of calling it a shame table, we can call it a wedding crasher table. Some of them called her savage bride to give such a crazy idea, but other people found it inappropriate. They presumed, the guests would have been busy and have a life of their own and maybe their plans would have got canceled the last minute and thought of visiting at the wedding.

It is somehow rude but some people appreciated the idea as they find it difficult when people do not RSVP. Adding an extra table in the wedding and not including them in the paid meal wouldn’t bother some of the future brides. However, some found it hilarious and savage.

Crashing at weddings make the brides go through the pain of adding them to the guest list and also arranging for table and the lavish food. This can be tedious and ruin the big day of the bride and the groom. It is better to RSVP in advance as this would save the bride to go through a lot of stress. However, it would still seem rude in the eyes of other people.