Bride Shocked After Finding Her Mom’s Dress For The Wedding

A newlywed recently revealed on Social Media platform TikTok that her mother wore a white dress on the day of her daughter’s wedding. Although she brushed off the whole thing with a laugh, many were horrified about her mother’s choice of clothing, especially on her daughter’s wedding day.

Weddings are all about the bride and the groom, the day they get the most attention and rightly so. So, when you’re invited to a wedding, you can spend months agonizing on what to wear and just only one rule to follow. Don’t wear white. But for some people, even that is difficult to comprehend.

So, how will you react if you find some wearing a white bride-like dress on the day of your wedding? And what if it’s your mother? You read that correctly. CEO and founder of an Australian based fashion company ShowPo, Jane Lu recently took to TikTok to share how her mother wore a bridal-like gown to her wedding and documented the ordeal on the platform. She designed her own wedding dress and launched her company’s bridal range as well.

While the bride chose to wear a simple yet elegant satin white wedding dress on the D-Day, her mother went on all with the dress, which looked more bridal than her daughter’s one. In the video, you can see Jane Lu unzipping her mother’s dress from the garment bag and was shocked to seeher attire for the big day.

In the clip, you can see her getting ready when she went to casually see her mother’s dress. She says, “Just went to look at my mum’s dress. It’s more bridal than mine.” To which her friend replies, “She’s bought a bridal dress. Is your mum remarrying? Like is she doing the vows?”

The executive got married in October 2019. However, she released the documented saga just a week ago, which has since garnered more than 1.3 million views and her comment section exploding.


She captioned the video with, “I found out the morning of MY wedding that my mum is wearing a white bridal dress.” However, you can see her laughing and taking the whole situation lightly. Throughout the video, she captures moments where you can see her dress as well as her mother’s one.

Although she wasn’t very bothered, her followers had another story. Many who saw the story revealed that they might’ve not let it go easily. Some were way imaginative and described alternatives as to what they would’ve done.

One commented, “No I would’ve made my mum go and buy a different dress that second.” While another added, “Nah straight up, I would have lost my mind. You look amazing though.”

However, there were some who didn’t see what the big deal was and said, “My mom deserves to look like a queen. Doesn’t matter if it’s my wedding day or hers.”