Bride Slammed For Editing Bridesmaid’s Pictures In The Wedding Photo Album

The bride had to face her furious friend after she found about the edited photos. The photo she manipulated was of her best friend and her bridesmaid. These changes were only made to the bride’s album.

The bride explained how she gifted a group photo to each bridesmaid at the end of her wedding. This gesture was made for her close friends to show how important their bond was and to remember this moment of joy.

The bride further said that the bridesmaid dress she decided made a non-aesthetic silhouette on one of her friends. She referred that friend as Heather. She got the photos altered for her personal album, not in any other photocopies. She tried to explain to her friend the reason but she wasn’t in a mood to understand.

This all happened the day three friends of the bride came home for dinner. After a few drinks, they started looking through the wedding photo album. One friend pointed out and told Heather that she looks great in the photos. This caught Heather’s attention. After looking through the edited photos, she got furious.

After this incident, the bride got mad at the other friend for pointing out the changes. Enraged Heather asked the bride what changes she got made and why she had she done it. She and Heather got into an intense shouting match. The bride further added that she felt that Heather’s reaction is too much for this situation.

This screeching match got so serious that the bride told her friend to be more secure about herself. This fight took down another friend too, who pointed out the changes made to Heather’s look.

Heather got so mad that she posted about this episode on social media. This created a negative impact on the bride. She got bashed by all her friends for editing the picture of the so-called her best friend.

The bride came forward and posted this incident on Reddit to ask if she was wrong to do what she did. To this one Redditor commented that she was just furious that she got caught and there was no need to bash the friend who pointed out the changes. He added that there would have been nothing to notice if she did not make the changes.

Another user commented that how she was covering the fact that her friend had looked and observed the editing. The user said that editing the looks to make your personal album look good isn’t the right thing to do.

Not only had she received hate but there were a few users who spoke from her side. They argued that she made changes to her own album, not to all the other copies she handed out on her wedding day. They added that they would understand if their friend made changes to photos to make them look flattering.