Bride-To-Be Put Ring For Sale After Finding Out Fiancé Has Been Cheating

Bride-to-be tries to sell her ex-fiancé's engagement ring online after she discovers he had been cheating her for the last four years. The post has since gone viral.

Sometimes having a mini heartbreak is better than repenting all your life on a path from where there’s more regret for the future. Zoe Butt, 26, from the Isle of Wright got in touch with Paul Botwright, 40, back in 2015. She proposed him on a leap year after which they both engaged as well. But things started to get uncanny after a while. Zoe, a chef by profession, discovered that her fiancé was seeing someone else behind her back and that too since the last four years.

So, after taking back the ring, she also wanted to get rid of it. Zoe, in turn, decided to put an ad on the Internet seeking a buyer for the same. Along with the pictures of the silver ring, there was also an amusing description of the ring’s previous owner. She planned to sell it on Facebuy. The caption said: “Good condition, couple of scratches but still looks smart. Only thing wrong with it is it might be tainted by the lying, cheating male who it was worn by.”

Besides, Zoe was quite gratified to know this charade just before her marriage. She conceived that her husband-to-be was not a good man but a cheat. She explained that the ring was a mere engagement ring, though she finds herself lucky that she didn’t get married to Paul till now.


She apprised that Paul wore the ring because he was proud to be with Zoe and wanted to share this fact with others as well. However, things then turned otherwise.

All Zoe wanted now was to let the ring evanesce from her consciousness as there’s a genuine reason to put the ring for sale. Unfortunately, no buyer for the ring has been found yet. She conceives her way of posting to be one of the reasons. She says: “I have no idea what people would pay for it. I just wanted it gone.”

Apart from that, it was Zoe’s family who first assimilated the ruse that Paul made. They got some bits of information about his secret lover. And after a short time, the arcane game to Zoe’s senses. They got together in May 2015, but he had already been in an affair with a married woman; altogether, four years of the affair and a double life. This had been going on until the last month when she finally got rid of him.

As for Zoe’s post, several likes and comments are inundating from everywhere. People found it to be very amusing. A person wrote: “Oh Zoe Butt!
“You have made my year beautiful.” But there’s still no reply from Paul’s side.