Bride Wants To Disinvite Parents Who Insulted Her Autistic Niece

The wedding itself isn't as enervating as its early preparations. The arduous task comes home with the responsibility to manage the needs of both sides. Still, the slightest of the mistakes can turn the situation otherwise. For the same, a bride-to-be is confounded if she was right to consider disinviting her parents as they made fun of her fiancé's 6-year-old niece.

Her soon-to-be niece is autistic, and the couple wanted her to be the flower girl. Because of autism, she tends to chew incessantly, flap hands, jump, etc. However, she doesn’t feel any misery in any social situation, and besides, her parents and the therapist are expecting to have no troubles in the wedding. She is also excited about the upcoming wedding.

The problem came up when the bride’s parents were concerned due to this child’s presence. The bride-to-be apprises that they took her aside to tell that she might get perplexed during the ceremony and maybe, she shouldn’t consider her to be the flower girl. She explained that the situation wouldn’t happen, and if it does, her therapist has some ways to keep everything in control.

But then, her mom called the kid ‘annoying’ and ‘weird’ and expressed her fear that she might distract or bother people with her actions. Soon after this incident, the bride found out that her dad went up to her niece’s parents to talk about it. And when the situation got out of hands, the bride’s father used a slur for the little girl. Though he apologized right there for his behavior, she was utterly shocked to know what her dad thought about her niece.

WIBTA for threatening to disinvite my parents from my wedding for their behaviour regarding my autistic soon-to-be niece? from AmItheAsshole

Well, her parents were still included to help with the preparations, while they continued to stop her niece when she made noises. Her mother even asked her not to flap her hands. Still, this wasn’t going to end up soon. Once they were discussing color schemes, she added that the flower’s color would match the color of her chewable dinosaur necklace. Her dad intervened that it’d be inappropriate to wear it, as it’s “ugly and ridiculous.”

His words made her cry instantly, after which, the bride told her parents not to mess with her emotional regulation or else, it would cause an outright meltdown. She admitted: “We’re considering giving them the ultimatum that if they don’t stop, I’ll disinvite them. It’s a drastic thing to do as I really do want my parents there and they’re excited to see their only child get married.”

She also asked on Reddit if she was right to take this step, and most of the Redditors supported her for the same. A person explained that her parents just overlooked the therapist’s advice and harmed the child by discouraging her emotional regulation. He added: “If someone’s grandmother had an air tank would they suggest she not use it at a wedding because it’s ugly?”

Another person shared his own story when he had to cancel all of his wedding plans and disinvite the family members from both sides. Eventually, they both got married at the beach. Furthermore, ten years have already passed since that event, and his family has probably got over it. Besides, it’s the bride’s day, so she’s right to do what she feels relevant.