Bride’s Sent Brutal Note To Guest For Unacceptable Attire

Before appearing as a guest at someone’s wedding, you must be pretty aware of some necessary rules. Though these rules are not enlisted in bold engravings, you should get it even if nobody tells you. Also, these rules are very common and most probably, you know them too. But one guest didn’t, which also made him face the repercussions.

Now, the rules can be many. Starting from never accompanying someone who isn’t personally invited to not wearing a white dress, there are still more which I’m not illustrating. Now, if you violate any of these, then it is up to the bride how she handles and unluckily this time, a bride didn’t seem to be happy with it. So, she had posted her story of vengeance on a Facebook group that goes by the name ‘That’s it, I’m Wedding Shaming’. The post was then put by The Sun.

How did the story end? She sent a written note to the guest in a profoundly sage manner, after which the actual stench arose. She further wrote: “It was an honor to share the entitlement of wearing a white dress with you” and concluded it with “Best wishes”.

Her incident has received more than 3k likes and most of the people are appreciating the way she responded. It is likely to make a bride upset if anyone else wears a white dress on her special day. This might have been acceptable if it was clearly mentioned in the instruction.


One person wrote: “Oh my god, the petty is amazing” while another said: “Now, THIS is the type of passive-aggressive pettiness I am totally on board with! Bravo to the bride!” Also, the third one commented, “HAHA, this is so petty and I’m living for it.” Someone also said: “Maybe she misunderstood the invitation and thought you meant she was getting married.”

Besides, if you’re about to attend any wedding, you must remember all the necessary rules and also check the guidelines, if needed. Otherwise, you may have to receive a thankful note from the bride’s end like this one. That should not happen with you hopefully.