Bride’s Wedding Thunder Was Stolen By Pregnant Bridesmaid

The whole idea behind a bridesmaid is that she helps with all the last-minute chores at a wedding but this bridesmaid had other plans. She told about her pregnancy at the worst moment as she stole her best friend's attention on possibly the most important day of her life.

Before anyone makes any judgment about the bride, she was happy about her best friend is pregnant. She just felt that her friend could have chosen some other day for telling everyone about it. Everyone feels that at least on the day of their wedding, they get all the attention in the world.

The Bride who had been planning her wedding for the last two years was confused about how she should behave with her best friend, Laura. She started to distance herself from Laura and didn’t feel nice about the same. Therefore, she decided to take people’s opinions on the same via an anonymous post on Reddit. The Bride shared all the details of her big day and we will let you decide on how the Bride should react to it.

It was the big day, which had been planned for the last two years. The chairs, venue, flowers, dress, sitting arrangements, and everything had already been sorted out. Everything was at its place. Like every wedding day and the tradition, the Bride and her bridesmaid started the party early and as soon as the party started, everyone noticed something abnormal. Their party animal, Laura, was not drinking.

When asked for the reason, she told everyone that she was pregnant. Then everyone was happy for her and congratulated her. Now, it wasn’t just one joyful occasion rather the count was two now. A friend’s wedding and a friend who will soon give birth! Although, the bride wasn’t as happy as you thought. It’s because she wanted the attention of them getting ready for her wedding and not on Laura.

The bride then kept aside her friend’s announcement and carried on with the activities planned for her day. She had decided on the poses for the photographs but Laura did not play along as she did not want to show her baby bump. Laura placed the flowers covering her baby bump, which didn’t come out nicely in the photographs. The bride mentioned that at the time, her twelve-week bump was not visible but Laura still refused to go along.

AITA for being so upset with my bridesmaids behaviour on my wedding day? from AmItheAsshole

The speech was to be given by Laura. The Bride expected her to congratulate the newlywed and say a few nice words but Laura again changed the plans. She decided to share her news about the baby with a few more people. Bride and Laura had been old friends. So, everyone at the wedding knew both of them. Laura announced that she was so excited and honored to call her best friend an aunt to the baby, who is due in summer 2020! This announcement shifted the event being a wedding event into a pregnancy reveal event real quick! Everyone was so happy with the news.

This event when shared on Reddit has received many reviews. With most of them saying it’s okay to distance yourself with such a friend. Laura wanted attention and thus made that speech. If asked us, she surely didn’t do the right thing. That day was supposed to be all about the wedding.