Bridezilla Labels Her Pregnant Cousin ‘Selfish’ For Refusing To Fly To Her Wedding

There's nothing more infuriating than a life partner getting ignored by your very family members. The same has made a seven-month pregnant woman reluctant to join her cousin's wedding party because her partner of two years wasn't invited. The contempt proliferated when she was also slammed for not attending the wedding, just because she was pregnant.

The last few months couldn’t be any better than this. We have seen a medley of deracination happening altogether. While everything is on a long break, a woman’s cousin schedules her wedding party for August. Amidst the pandemic, a wedding can be more concerning if a pregnant woman has to travel a lot to attend. The woman admits that her cousin was “spoiled” since her childhood. She didn’t even reconsider before hurting anyone’s feelings.

Now, the cousin has got engaged to her boyfriend of less than a year and had planned their wedding for August 2020. She had begun putting a huge amount for her wedding day. Albeit being affluent, she couldn’t manage enough to invite this woman’s partner of two years. Nobody’s going to make strenuous efforts to attend the wedding if their partner cannot be present. The woman, too, felt the same. Moreover, she was pregnant: a significant reason to sit back.

However, her cousin couldn’t get it properly. She didn’t assimilate how hard it will be for a pregnant woman to make such a long trip to her party. “She threw a fit to me, my aunt, my parents, and anyone willing to listen. Apparently, I am so selfish because of all the time in the world I chose now to get pregnant, probably to steal her thunder or something like that.”

My (31F) cousin (26F) doesn’t accept that I won’t be able to attend her wedding from JUSTNOFAMILY

Her post on Reddit received great support with someone telling her partner not being invited to be the primary reason for canceling her trip. It’s clear from her relationship that she has a life partner. Restricting invitations for guests is agreeable, but not for the woman’s lover. The second person also admitted that her partner, not being present at the wedding, is enough to justify backing off.

Some people also shed light on the bride’s bratty behavior. A person wrote: “I can’t stand it when people think that, because they are getting married, they ‘own’ that year for their entire extended family. The good news is that it sounds like most of your family sees her ridiculousness for what it is. She is making herself look bad.”

It kept going until people questioned why it was happening in the middle of the health crisis. Someone said it’s inappropriate to schedule the wedding any time before the Autumn 2021, whereas others advised avoiding air travel during the pregnancy. Health crisis, plus her pregnancy, is enough for a doctor to recommend her some rest. She would be at her 30-week mark, which is still not a good time for traveling.

Besides, the woman was very close to her cousin, but her bad behavior compelled her to maintain distance. Finally, the woman apprised that the wedding got rescheduled for the next year. For sure, this might have come as a great relief for her.