Bridezilla Scammed Her Bridesmaids In Order To Buy Her Own Wedding Dress

Weddings are an expensive affair. Apart from all the arrangements, the bride’s dress can cost a bomb and so, selecting what comes in the budget is recommended. To be more specific, don’t be like this bride who came up with a plan to get money from the bridesmaids to pay for her own dress.

The last thing you want to do at your wedding is to disappoint your bridesmaids and ruin your special day. Unfortunately, one bride did not realize this and scammed her bridesmaids out of money. We know it sounds ridiculous!

One of the bridesmaids shared her terrible experience on Facebook with a friend who lied to all about the price of the bridesmaid dress in order to “gain” enough money to buy her own dress. The maid of honor plotted this whole scam with the bridezilla.

The bridesmaids were told that their dresses were $400 each. It was not easy for all six of the bridesmaids to afford it, but they managed somehow.

The maid of honor informed all about the payments to the bridesmaids. They all agreed to the value and were unaware of all that was planned to get “extra” money from them.

The truth cannot be hidden for long and so, this scam came to light too! When this bridesmaid went to the store to pick her dress, she received shocking news!

She tried the dress at the store and while leaving, she heard someone shout, “That’ll be $200”. There was a misunderstanding as the employee thought that she had not paid for the dress. The things were sorted, but the price got stuck in her mind.

She could not digest the fact that the actual price of the dresses was $200 while they paid $400 for them. She knew the bride and the maid of honor lied to the bridesmaids. It was a hard truth!

The bridesmaid wrote in her post, “Apparently, the bride and the MOH plotted together to charge us double to help pay for the bride’s dress. I let the rest of the bridesmaids know and four of us dropped out of the wedding immediately.”

The bridezilla might have gone through a lot of embarrassment after the truth came out. She should not have planned this scam in the first place.

Let the weddings be pure and happy!