Brother Auctioned 230lbs Hog For $11000 To Raise Funds For Children’s Hospital

Usually when the pigs are brought to the Medina County Fair, in Ohio for selling nobody really pays much attention. The sight is pretty normal and regular. However, the 2019 fair saw something unusual. Two young men seen dressed in tuxedos were trying to auction their 230 pounds heavy hog. Soon the townies joined them in every way possible.

The Letner siblings Austin and Logan aged fourteen and eleven respectively are both young men who love to take care of their farm animals, they adore raising them and feeding them-the result of which was seen at the annual fair. But when they were asked by their parents if they would like to keep this earned money for themselves or donate in to some charity, the two young men took no less than a split second to nod their heads in a yes. Of course, the money was going to help people. They did not want to keep even a single penny they received from the auction.

The net big question was, which charity should the amount be donated to? After contemplating and discussing for a while everyone concluded that the St. Jude was their mutual decision. In an interview, Austin said they went ahead with this charity as it helps kids with cancer, most patients in this care home do not have enough resources to fund the treatment and so their money shall help such cases. “The parents and the kids don’t have to worry about any medical bills, just worry about them getting better” he added.

The brothers generally take turns to trade their animals. Last year Logan raised 1500 dollars for the same charity. This year they were hoping to raise a minimum of thousand dollars for the noble cause. However, when the marketer announced that all their earning would be going for funding a trust, the bids went up. Finally, Millhouse, the 230 pounds swine were sold for 12 dollars a pound which is 2760 dollars in summation. And this feels good story just does not cease, turns out the community members of Medina County weren’t letting only the winning bidder donate to the beautiful cause.

So when the auctioning began, the bidders were asked to raise the amount with a minimum of 1 dollar per pound that is when 28 individuals and some local businesses came into the picture. They added their bids which boosted the young men’s total earnings from 2760 bucks to 11040 dollars. The winning bid was from Forever Fence & Rail, which is straight line construction incorporation along with the Simmons Brother’s Construction.

Also, the two firms stepped up their generosity game by donating their expensively purchased pork to feed people at a nearby old age nursing home. Now isn’t that a wonderful story of compassion?