You would never realize the power of prayer unless you have come across Bruce Vann Natta's story.

Do you happen to be a non-believer? Have you lost your faith in God? Well, this story might help restore your lost faith… or Angels, more so… we have this amazing story of one Bruce Vann Natta whose life is the finest example of God’s miracle; you won’t be able to deny the same once you have watched the video.

We all know women love diamonds and men are fond of cars. This guy had a fascination for the hybrid kind, it seems— trucks were Bruce’s fist love. His job as a self-employed diesel mechanic let him spend most of his time with his beloved— all the while helping him realize his dreams and provide for his wife and 4 children.

Unlike other mechanics, Bruce Vann Natta never gave it a second thought to the dangers of working on truck engines. These mammoth-sized engines weigh thousands of pounds but that never held Bruce back from taking care of his babies. That was until the 16th of November, 2006. Something really bad happened that turned Bruce’s life upside down. So serious was his condition that only a miracle could help him… and this is when Bruce witnessed God… or Angels, as the guys like to identify them as.

Watch the miracle below and don’t forget to pass the word.