Brushing Your Teeth Is Not The Same Anymore, Experts Reveal That Poop Particles Land On Your Brush

When we speak about cleanliness, apart from the surroundings, your body is also included in that discussion. Your oral health is part of that and there are a few things you should know about brushing your teeth. Some facts related to your brush and toothpaste might sound weird but are definitely important.

Experts have found a relation between poo and brushing and yes, we know you made that face on reading this. It can sound gross to some extent, but there is truth to this relation and we believe it needs to be revealed.

Here are some questions:

At what place in your house, do you brush your teeth?

How clean do you think your brush is?

Have you ever considered a repulsive side to your routine of brushing?

We bet the answers to these questions are the same for all. This is because we think the same way as humans.

Your toothbrush has a designated place in your bathroom but we guess it is time to change certain things about that place. You want to know why? This is because your washroom is also a place where excrement happens and once you flush, the particles from the toilet diffuse in the air of that place.

You can’t prevent that air from touching the stuff present in the bathroom which includes your toothbrush! These particles from the “bodily waste” attack your brush leading to E. coli and norovirus making a home on the bristles.

The experts in hygiene are explaining this in detail. Ralitsa Prodanova says, “If you keep your toothbrush near your toilet, these potentially deadly bugs can land on the bristles – before you put them straight into your mouth, twice a day. This just makes us think a little deep!

There have been certain studies around this topic and one was conducted by Quinnipiac University in the United States of America. The study concluded that your toothbrush is covered with poo particles, the chances being as high as 60 percent. Such unpleasant information, right?

There is more to this study as in case of shared or public washrooms with nine people on average, there is an 80 percent chance that those particles are from another person’s poop. Some awful but crucial information is all we can say.

When it comes to health, things are sensitive as Lauren Aber, a researcher explained. According to her, the “waster matter” on the toothbrush from the toilet is a major health issue but the worst happens when those particles are from someone else’s poo as they contain “new” viruses and bacteria, unfavorable to the person’s body.

You might be taking various precautionary measures to keep your toothbrush hygienic and clean like hot water or a cover but that won’t help. The covers just increase the number of bacteria on the toothbrush as they help sustain the bacteria in a better way. There is no escaping!

All left to do now is change your toothbrush or the place where it’s kept. A healthy lifestyle requires some instant changes!