Cabby Drives A Sick Dog To The Beach Since She’s Unable To Walk Down

Golden retriever Reema, who loved the sea but had been too sick to walk there, was able to get back on the seaside again. Thanks to the beneficent taxi driver for making the pooch happy again. He has been giving her free lifts to the beach.

Reema had a back problem which prevented her from going on long walks. The distance from her home to the beach was about a mile, which meant that the beach was usually off limits for her. Her owner, Suzanne Clarke, 57, didn’t own a car at that moment. Therefore, she was unable to take the pooch to the beach.

But Suzanne was really desperate to get Reema back to her favorite place; she posted on the social media asking for assistance from anyone who would take her to the beach in their car. Paul Brown, a cab driver, 49, saw her post on social media and he “didn’t think twice” about it and offered his assistance.

Since then Suzanne, Reema and Paul have been visiting the beach in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, which is Reema’s favorite place for a stroll. Support worker Suzanna said that Reema was very sad that she was not able to walk on the beach until Paul offered his services. Beach is Reema’s favorite place to go. It felt like a shame to Suzanne that that Reema was missing that even though the beach is so close to their home. That was when she thought of putting her problem on Facebook and met Paul.

Paul worked as a taxi driver. When he saw the post on Facebook, he didn’t think twice about it and instantly contacted Suzanne and offered his services. Suzanne is grateful to him and thinks it is really kind of him to let Reema sit in his car.

Paul added that some people are funny about having dogs in their car but that’s not him. He treated them like a part of family. Others say dogs can go in the boot but he would never do that. He wouldn’t put a person in the boot then why he would put an older dog in there?

Reema, who is now aged 10, has travelled the world throughout her life. She has been to Spain, Belgium and Portugal with Suzanne and her husband Andy. Suzanne said that Reema has lived a long and exciting life but she cannot travel to abroad anymore. She is quite happy to make the short trip to beach nowadays.

Suzanne added “I am really grateful to Paul for taking us there; it has made us both happy.”