Can You Roll Your Tongue?

Are you a tongue roller or not? This is a question all of us asked each other at some point during our adolescent years, most probably when studying biology. We were taught back then by our teachers that whether or not we can roll our tongue depends on our genes. We are born with this ability and this is not something that we can learn.
1 – This is not true:
Tongue rolling is not decided by genetics alone. In fact this is something that everything can do.
2 – People can learn to roll their tongue:
Those who were not born with the ability to roll their tongue, can learn how to do so.
3 – Tongue is a muscle:
It is a very strong muscle of the body and therefore with training, it can be rolled if you want it to.
4 – Study conducted by Philip Matlock:
Philip Matlock conducted a study in 1952 in which he determined that all identical twins could not roll their tongues. If only genetics were a deciding factor, then if one twin could roll his tongue, the other should also be able to.
5 – Learn how to roll your tongue:
You can not only roll but also fold or flip your tongue.
6 – First step:
First of all, turn your tongue. You should aim to make it short.
7 – Second step:
Now that you have done this, try to form an O with your tongue.
8 – Practice, practice, practice!
Initially you will not be able to do this but with regular practice, you will. So try this exercise daily and you will see that one day you will be able to roll you tongue, too.
9 – Various tongue rolling tricks:
If you practice enough, you will be surprised how many different ways you can roll your tongue. Tongue is a very strong muscle. You can train it to do a lot.
10 – Amaze your family and friends:
If you look at pictures of people rolling their tongues in odd and complicated ways, you will be shocked. But this is something you, too, can do. It will take a little effort but once you learn these tricks, you can amaze everyone with your antics.