Cats Who Mastered the Art of Sleeping

Cat owners can possibly understand this more owing to their personal experience. They know very well that cats spend most of their time in sleeping. And, the amazing thing is that they can sleep in just any place or in any manner they want. They sleep for around 15 hours a day which is thrice the average human sleep of 5 hours and they surely are some funny sleepers.
They tend to fix some snoozing points in the house. So, when you cannot find them anywhere in the house they might probably be sleeping in one of those points.
Even if you have never had any experience with a cat, you must know that they very much love to sleep. And, they do so in any manner they feel like. These are some photos which shows that the cats can sleep comfortably in the weirdest positions.

  1. Cat in place of Wet Clothes

    The cat seems to have put herself in place of putting the clothes to dry on the stand. And, she sleeps comfortably on the stand without even having a firm ground to sleep on.



  1. Cat in the Half-sit Position

    This cat looks like while exercising the abs, she got tired and fell asleep in the middle of the task. She sleeps so peacefully even in this half sit-up position.



  1. Cat with the Mouse and the Dog

    This picture clearly shows that when it comes to sleep, nobody is an enemy. Whatever the feelings they have towards each other must not intervene in the process of them having a nice quiet sleep.



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