They take in a 9-year-old child abuse victim. What they do to her next will move you to tears.

Child abuse is nothing new. We get to hear about it all over the news almost every day of our lives, but we do little about it except for feeling bad for the child. While some cases can still be tolerated to an extent (I m not saying we should), there are other instances when just hearing about the story of child neglect brings tears to our eyes. This is one such story of a Danielle Lierow who has been a victim of child abuse for an extended period of time before being taken in by her foster parents.

After raising 4 sons, the Lierows decided to take in a girl just so they can complete one happy family. When they went to the adoption event, something peculiar happened. The couple was introduced to as many as three dozens of orphan children but their interest inclined towards the one that wasn’t able to attend. The couple found themselves immediately drawn to the 9-year-old girl who, they learnt eventually, has been a victim of child abuse. After hearing her soul-crushing story, the Lierows instantly knew that this little girl needed to be loved more than anyone. Rest is history.

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