Chris Brown’s Documentary

Chris Brown has filmed a documentary that talks about his whole life. To the interest of everyone, Chris Brown will talk about the most notorious incident in his wife – when he beat up his girlfriend Rihanna.

1 – Welcome To My Life:


The documentary is named Welcome To My Life and is yet to be released.

2 – The documentary is about Chris Brown’s life:


This documentary shows Chris Brown’s entire life. It talks about how he went from being an unknown entity to a famous person. The documentary discusses his early life as well as his rise to fame.

3 – Beating of Rihanna:


For the first time ever since it happened, Chris Brown talks about the 2009 incident when he beat up his then girlfriend.

4 – Felt like a “Monster”:


Chris Brown admits to regretting what he did. He says he felt like a monster afterwards.

5 – Disturbed state of mind:


According to Brown, after the beating he felt so awful that he was not sleeping or eating right.

6 – Getting high:


He says that during that time, he was so disturbed and felt so terrible that he got into drugs and alcohol and was high most of the times.

7 – People’s reaction:

FILE In this Monday, March 17, 2014 file photo, R&B singer Chris Brown, left, appears at a hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court with his attorney Mark Geragos, for his probation violation after his arrest on March 14, in Los Angeles. The U.S. Marshals Service took Brown into custody from a Los Angeles jail on Wednesday, April 2, 2014, to transport him to Washington, D.C. for his upcoming trial on a misdemeanor assault charge. (AP Photo/Lucy Nicholson, Pool, file)

Even though Chris Brown has admitted to being wrong, people still don’t feel very kindly towards him. In the documentary, Brown really opens up about his past. However, a lot of people who watched the trailer refuse to sympathize with him and believe that what he did to Rihanna was unforgiveable.

8 – The Trailer:


The trailer shows him talking about how he has changed and is now a better man.

9 – Brown will try to convince people of his changed nature:


Although the whole documentary has not been released yet, the speculation is that in the film, Chris Brown will go out of his way to prove to people that he is not the man he used to be; and has now improved a lot.

10 – Wait for the documentary:


Everyone will have to wait for the documentary to be released, to see what Chris Brown has to say. Only then can people decide on their own whether they believe that he has changed, or not.