Co-Sleeping Proved Fatal For Three Infants, Police Issues Warning For Parents

Parents always want the best for their kids and when you are new to parenting, you tend to be very careful with your child and keep them close to you at all times. But keeping them too close can be risky as well. We are talking about co-sleeping here and what worse effect it has on infants.

Three infant deaths were reported recently in Escambia County, Florida and they are being investigated by the Florida Health Department. After considering all the facts, parents are advised to avoid co-sleeping as this was found to be the reason behind these infant deaths. Yes, that’s right and it is some important information that you must know.

First the basic question – What is co-sleeping? Co-sleeping refers to the sharing of beds at night with your little ones. Parents do that a lot and that is why it is important to know how bad it is for your kids. This should have been realized earlier so that those three infants were saved but we cannot change that. The only thing that can be done now is to create awareness about co-sleeping and that’s what local police is doing now.

In explanations regarding the infant deaths that occurred, it was found that one died due to tangling and suffocating in the blanket while sleeping in the parent’s bed.

This is just one of many unfortunate infant deaths.

Another heartbreaking co-sleeping instance is the baby dying due to suffocation as he got squeezed between the crib and a stuffed animal.

After reading these instances, do you realize how easily these infant deaths could have been avoided? The situation would have been different if a little attention to sleeping habits was paid. We wish the parents were informed about such threats earlier and those babies would have been alive.

There is another important fact to be noted here. It was even addressed by Captain Dawn Janes in the video which was released as a public announcement warning. He clarified that co-sleeping is fatal for the kid but that does not mean these fatalities can only happen in bed. There have been incidents where a child got strangled between the couch cushions when the mom fell asleep with the baby in her arms. This is just so upsetting to know!

The cold weather makes the parents even more concerned about the kid and that’s when they tend to do things which are in no way healthy for the child. Too many blankets and keeping them warm by co-sleeping are some activities that need to be discontinued by the parents. Winters bring a rise in infant deaths because of these reasons. To avoid this, health officials have issued a warning regarding co-sleeping.

Parents are definitely concerned about the kid and want to make sure that they sleep well and comfortably. But co-sleeping is not a way of ensuring this. There are other ways that are safe and much easier, few of them being bassinets, baby boxes and cribs.

It’s up to the parents what they choose for their child. The only thing parents need to do here is erase co-sleeping from their schedule and put their kids to sleep in a separate space. Parenting will go smooth from there!