Community Helps Hospitalized Dad To Walk His Son To 1st Day Of School

Hospitalized dad recovering from surgery helped his autistic son to walk to school. It was his son’s first day to school and he did not want to miss out any of it even after being in the hospital. Dad surprised everybody with his touching gesture.

The first day of school is very important for both the parents and the kids. One always expects everything to go as planned with full love and support from their family, especially parents. Carmine Mattaline, a 5-year-old boy with autism was all set for his first day of school. He and his mother had planned this day for a very long time now.

They both had covered everything possible about it and she even had a lot of sleepless nights because of it. Never had she imagined that the only thing missing from this special day would be his husband. Carmine’s father, Police Sargent Andy Mattaline was recently diagnosed with cancer due to which he was hospitalized.

Andy was diagnosed with cancer, due to which he had to undergo surgery and after that, he was hospitalized for recovery. Andy could not meet his son regularly and had met his son only once since 30th July due to his surgery and recovery. Both the parents were devastated about the fact that Andy will not be present on the first day of school of their son.

Andy was devastated but was also hell-bent on seeing his son’s first day of school. Thus, he thought that he would see all of it on a video. But to Andy’s surprise, his doctor and the whole hospital was working on a surprise for the family. Not even Andy knew about it. When he got to know about it he broke down and cried like a baby.

His doctor had planned a full recovery plan for Andy so that he could be present on his son’s special day in the flesh. Andy was so emotional since both his son and he has gone through a lot together and his son means the world to him. The surprises did not stop here for the family. When Andy reached the school in his wheelchair, the whole squad of West County was waiting for him in their uniforms.

West County, Missouri officers had come to Carmine’s school because they wanted to ensure that Carmine would not be alone on his first day of school. Andy was so emotional about all of it, he shared that “It’s overwhelming amount support that I just can’t process right now.” Everybody walked together for the first day of the school of Carmine.

Though Andy has still time left on his recovery he is more excited and motivated to complete all of it so that he can come home to his family, his son. He can not wait to see Carmine fully go into the world as he has already taken his first step towards transition.