Company Offered $300 To Employees For Pet Adoption

All the employees were shocked when the company offered an incredibly amazing deal. Under the deal, the company has offered that if the worker adopts a pet, the company would give a stipend of $300 to the person along with a “pawternity” leave.

A Texas insurance firm has interested its workers in a “Pawsome” deal. Remarkably, the company has offered their animal-loving workers an implausible offer by which they would gain a huge stipend. Actually, the organization was presenting a stipend of $300 to those who adopt a fur friend. Along with the stipend, the worker would get leave to take care of and know the new member of the family.

According to the site, The Zebra, who is a leading company and which bills itself as the nation’s foremost insurance comparison site, was offering a huge amount of $300 annually to employees who would like to welcome a fur friend to their family. In addition to the sponsorship, the company has declared that a “pawternity” leave would be issued in order to familiarize themselves with the new member.

Keith Melnick, the CEO of Zebra came forward and stated that this type of companionship could make an enormous change in the way of living and the quality of life. He added that this offer was originated to help the employees in the times of global pandemic. It was really important to mend the mental state of the workers. By adopting a pet, they could overcome their loneliness and boredom which would help them focus better.

To the workers who loved animals, it was like a bonus and they were happy with the company’s policy of having a cat or dog at their homes. Maribeliz Ortiz, Zebra’s quality-assurance coordinator said that it felt really nice to be supported by the company during this coronavirus pandemic. According to her, it was really thoughtful and she really loved the company of a dog. She used the benefit to adopt a miniature dog who was a long-haired dachshund and named it Niko.

To people like Dan Kujanek, it was like a dream come true. Dan Kujanek, who is a senior manager in the company, was astonished as his dream of getting a second dog came true. With the stipend, he managed to rescue Romy, a shepherd mix, from a local shelter. He was glad to build a family with two of his dogs and was completely delighted that he could salvage Romy from the shelter. However, putting a lot of hopes on the dogs could be damaging for their future. After the lockdown ends, they should not feel separation anxiety leaving their pets at home. The same goes for the pets, so the workers should avoid pampering them excessively.