Concerned Step-Dad Hides Daughter’s Baking-Supplies, Now Skeptical Of His Actions

Nobody is really prepared to be a parent until they become pregnant. It’s like a constant journey of learning, especially when there’s a ‘blood barrier’. Mingling with the kids is a challenge many stepparents face. Things can become chaotic sometimes, even if you fire your best shot.

The Reddit’s AITA clad got an engrossing post to pass their conviction, shared by a stepdad to a 16-year-old girl. Beth’s stepfather had married her mother when she was about 14. But she had known him for a year more. The man wrote that he didn’t have any kids of his own so this parenting thing wasn’t a silky track for him. While he had no intentions to boss over the little lady, he always put in efforts best to his capacity to be there as a father and a friend.

AITA for trying to better control my teenage step daughter’s eating habits? from AmItheAsshole

He further added that he’d always been concerned about his daughter’s weight but thinking it to be an inherited trait, he never bothered much. But, this lockdown revealed the real reason behind the teenager being over-weight. It wasn’t the genes but the donuts and fried palatable that Beth crafted for herself by watching online cooking tutorials. He admitted that he was aware of Beth spending the money she earned from babysitting, on herself, but he didn’t know that the money was being splurged on those extra calories.

The worried dad thought of putting his wife’s brain to work on the matter, who denied any help. The mother feared that calling out Beth for eating too much would push her into some eating disorder thus she decided to keep her mouth zipped. Although his wife had given red flags to his will of taking an action, the man went ahead with a plan. The bothered dad locked up all the stuff used by Beth for cooking including the oil, butter, sugar and the baking essentials.

This disabled the 16-year-old from cooking anything without seeking her father’s permission. The plan didn’t go well with the mother-daughter duo and the mother accused the man of body shaming the young girl. Although his wife told him to mind his own business, the man was in no mood to sacrifice his daughter’s health and asked the readers to give their opinions.

The comment section showed mixed responses. One person warned the man about crossing the line and suggested that he should step back to not make it any worse. Another person suggested him to start healthy yet tasty cooking sessions with his daughter to motivate her to eat healthy while also building a bond with her. And We hope one of these many ideas work, fingers crossed!