Cop Broke Online “House” Party Amid Lockdown

When the cop knocked on the door in Paisley, Scotland he was all ready to break off the party which he thought was happening in the house, even after the social distancing norm. Only to find a ravishing drinking party happening in the house over video conferencing, celebrating her friend’s daughter’s 13th birthday.

“Drinks on the house” might be the best thing anyone shall ever hear on a bar with a gals and pals night out. But with the spread of the Covid-19 virus pandemic,” Drinks IN the house” might be the way to go. Thus, the video-partying has been the talk of the town, and Gemma was no amateur to it either. She organized this video party last Friday with her family and friends in celebration of her daughter’s 13th birthday, which had been kept very lowkey due to the pandemic.

Friends from around the world joined the five-hour-long online party, taking turns to dance, play music and ‘get the next round’ of drinks. But the innocent girls’ night in had a surprise guest when a police officer arrived on the scene to check they were all carrying out social distancing measures. Gemma Cullen, 34, from Paisley in Scotland described the moment the police officer suddenly appeared. All six of the ladies were dancing and a wee bit drunk, because of sipping on the wine. Her friend Melissa in Paisley was all dolled up and dancing with her cat round the kitchen to Usher. When she went away from the camera after a bit and when she came back on, everyone could see her talking to someone.

Initially, the ladies thought she’d sneaked in her boyfriend but suddenly a policeman popped onscreen and asked Gemma how she was. Gemma admitted she was shocked when she saw the uniform and joked to her friend that she had ordered them a stripogram! But the policeman laughed and said that he wasn’t doing his stripogram today for the ladies. The Paisley cop explained to the online gathering that neighbors had seen Melissa McCall, 35, dancing with her cat Ciro and thought she was having a forbidden house party during the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

But the officer was sweet and quickly reassured the girl that nothing was wrong with the online rave – and then stayed to chat for ten minutes before saying goodnight. Gemma added that he was so nice about it and said they had made his night. Neither did Gemma forget how wrong it could have gone as the police must be busy at the moment and then to be falsely alarmed for a girl dancing in the kitchen with her cat. The policeman could have been annoyed by this act of negligence but they weren’t. And she thinks they’re doing an amazing job.

The incidence shows some respite from the gloomy atmosphere the pandemic has brought on the world. Gemma found her fun in having a family and friends party not letting the lockdown bring her down or her daughters. And how the policeman also chose not to be annoyed about the incidence of false alarm. They inspire us to do what best with what you have. And not to forget that nothing can dampen your mood if you have friends, some booze and a woman dancing with a cat late on Friday night.