Cop Gives Homeless Woman A Pizza Treat

The effects of the coronavirus outbreak can be clearly seen among the people as well as the economy of several nations. But be it any serious issue, poor and homeless people are the ones who are mostly affected by it. Having a roof above your head is still saving you from a lot of miseries.

The gesture of a police officer was well appreciated when he took a moment from his busy day to interact with a homeless woman. Official Michael Roberts from the Goldsboro Police Department in North Carolina had not the woman before, albeit working in the city for almost a decade. On his way, he saw a woman on the street wearing a shirt that says: “‘Homeless. The fastest way to becoming a nobody.”

It got his attention and he decided to stop by and have a talk with her. They exchanged few words like “Hey” after which Roberts went ahead on his duty. However, he had been thinking about the woman for a while. He thought about asking her if she had eaten anything and she said “No”. Then he went on to buy some pepperoni and cheese pizzas for the woman.

With lunch, he returned to sit down with the woman and have a little conversation with her. Roberts got to know that the woman’s name was Michelle. The interaction followed with the two sharing their stories together. Michelle told Roberts that she had a 12-year-old daughter with liver cancer and a 23-year-old son. Michelle’s homeless husband was also standing across the street.


Roberts admitted: “Homeless people are just people who are down on their luck. It can happen to anybody.” He comes to his work thinking about how he can help the people and bring some grin on their faces. He added: “I’m not the one that wants to take somebody’s father or mother and put them in jail.” Well, Roberts was lucky because a passerby took his photo which was later seen by his boss.

Police Chief Michael West said: “The circumstances around our job are often an unpleasant call to service.” However, after seeing this picture, he commemorated that police officer are also human beings they would always come forward when it comes to serving the community when needed. He was proud of this wonderful gesture made by Roberts.

Besides, this story isn’t the only one of its kind. We often several people living across the streets having nothing to eat. With just a little contribution and a nice talk, we can make someone’s day better.