Cop Turned Into A Ghost Buster For A 6-Year-Old Scared Boy

A 6-year-old boy got horrified after seeing the trailer of a horror movie. He thought there were ghosts in his room. His mother tried hard but could not deal with the situation. So she took the help of the Police. The boy finally took some pills of relief after the cop inspected his room and gave it a thump-up.

Fear is the biggest evil in one’s life. It makes one go out of one’s wits. Souls end up locking up their minds in its prison. It takes a spine-chilling turn in case of little nuggets. One could look at its dangerous prospect by going through the story of an unnerved 6-year-old boy who got a cop to reclaim his room from his fear.

The boy was busy searching for his trick of the day. But then a trailer of a horror movie popped up before him. Unaware of its deadly impact, he went ahead to grab its parts.

The trailer finished and moved out of the screen. But its scary vibes grabbed the mind of its little viewer. He could not get out of the dark scenes. He felt like the deadly spirits were moving around to cool down his blood.

Not just that but he even saw his room giving shelter to the scary creatures. He ran out of it. His mother came up to calm him down. She tried to put it in his mind that they were just the elements of hallucination and did not exist in their real world. But the boy could not drive the scary imprints of the trailer out of his mind. On looking at his condition, she went ahead to switch on the night lights to make him sleep.

But that did not work.

Then she got their dog in his room to make him feel secure. But the boy did not get much out of her that move. Then she came up with a Monster Spray to wipe out the fear of ghosts from his mind.

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Posted by Amanda Williams on Thursday, August 22, 2019

To her dismay, the ghostly scare fought it off. Finally, giving up on her solutions, she went ahead to take a tough call. She went to the police station with her scared son. The boy was reluctant to share his ghost story with the officials initially. He did not want to be a thing of fun for the grown-up souls there. The boy had not expected the cops to pay heed to his problem. But to his relief, he was wrong.

The officer who attended him poured in his sensibility. He listened to the boy with patience and made him comfortable.

The cop tried to drive away his fears by engaging him in motivational talks. But the talks could not overcome the barriers of fear embedded in his heart. The boy was scared to such an extent that he went ahead to request the cop to inspect his room. Sensing the intensity of the situation, he went ahead to help the boy.

He followed the boy and went ahead to check his room. After getting done with the inspection part, the officer gave it a thump-up. Finally, the boy believed in the absence of ghosts in his house. And the officer left to carry on his duty.

The cop handled the sensitive situation brilliantly by taking up a pragmatic approach. Hopefully, the boy would not require such a kind of service ever in his life.