Cops Raid House To Take Child With 105° Fever To The Hospital

“I didn’t find the right reason to take him to the emergency room if medicines were working,” said Sarah. According to the police, Brook Bryce refused open the door for the welfare check when the cops knocked, on repeated warnings the father told them that the lad’s fever was down to 100 degrees but he would not let them in and wished to be left alone. It was then that the police decided to break in and take temporary custody of the child whom they feared to have some life-threatening illness.

“I was handcuffed with guns and flashlights pointing at me, some officers went inside to check onto my girls aged 4 and 6, I was treated like an offender, don’t know what damage it did to my kids,” said Brook. The cops justified their actions by providing evidence from the sight, the house was unhygienic, beds had been vomited on several times and there was an unlocked shotgun. Two of the kids were taken to the hospital by ambulance while the third by DCS.

The custody of the kids was temporarily given to their grandparents and the duo who was not pressed with any criminal charges hoped to reunite with them after their hearing. Their lawyer Nicolas Boca commented that “No child should be taken away from their parents over a fever and such force must be used onto criminals and not houses with resting children”

The Arizona House Rep. Kelly Townsend mentioned that it was necessary to draw the line when it comes to disagreements between a parent and a doctor and the methods employed to ensure child safety. “My client has the constitutional as well as natural rights to take care of her kids and the DCS cannot take the kids away simply because they feel they know better. Our case is still under the process of the verdict” added Nicolas. We hope that things turn out in favor of the righteous.