Corona Virus Canceled The Wedding But Couple Still Tied The Knot On Zoom

A couple from Croydon, London gets married at zoom. They get married in front of 200 guests on a video call and left them in tears. The idea was forwarded by the pastor. Their marriage was scheduled for last week on March.

Ben Jackson and Sophie Austin were childhood lovers. They got engaged in August 2018. The wedding was about to take place last Saturday. They had to postpone the wedding in the light of coronavirus lockdown. But they decided to make that day special. Therefore, they tied the knot in front of their family members and friends.

The two of them were in a relationship for eight and a half years. They had planned this wedding with full enthusiasm. But when it became impossible for the guests to gather, they had to postpone the ceremony. It was for their good luck they were not charged anything extra. They decided to tie knot online.

Sophie found out that ceremony so fascinating. She believed that the wedding was focused on the important things. She said that the wedding was beyond all the fuss of guests. It was all about the two of them which every wedding should be about. Even though they were alone, the moment was so intimate to both of them.

Sophie is a singer and an actress and Ben works at the University of Sussex. Both of them were leading a very special life. Despite putting all the efforts, they were unable to plan a big wedding. But Zoom made it very special. Over 300 guests attended their wedding.


Sophie was unable to dress up like a bride as the shop was closed down and her wedding dress was not ready by then. The other guests attended the wedding with full preparation. They were all dressed up in proper suits. However, Ben commented that most of his friends were football boxers instead of a complete suit.

Both of them took their vows. They expressed their love for each other on that day. The absence of other guests didn’t bother them much. They were so lost in each other. They were so busy taking vows that they didn’t notice any other thing. They even cut and shared the cake later in their living room.

The idea was put up by the pastor. Although, the pastor was not sure whether they would accept the idea or not. The couple was very excited to learn about this idea. They found it as an excellent idea in times of crisis like this. However, they are yet to legalize their wedding. But the date has been marked special.

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