Costa Coffee Customer Blocked Drive Thru For Just ‘50p’

Craving for something and not getting it is something which can easily frustrate anyone. This very incident happened with a guy named Lynden. Through his tweets he told us about what exactly took place.

He went to his local Costa drive thru and gave the order of a Cold Brew with regular syrup. £3.45. But instead of getting what he wanted, he was given an Iced Americano without his syrup. So not only he was being cheated but also got incorrect components in his drink. He claimed that he waited at the drive thru for about an hour and got what? This disappointment!

He further told that when he complained about this to the staff, they shamelessly denied and said they served what he had ordered.

Things became more serious when the manager was called over to fix the problem at which point Lynden determined to block the drive thru. He wrote that nobody in this drive thru will move until this problem is resolved. He sat there for approx eight minutes watching the staff at Costa rushing around. The people behind him were now jamming up outside the car park.

After half an hour the manager handed over another drink and expressed regret for the mistakes committed by them.

But Lynden was not done and demanded a refund as he has waited for so long just to have the drink he wanted. The manager was not ready to accept his demand so he stubbornly stayed right there as long as it takes to get the refund.

The manager finally gave up and repayed him for the Iced Americano, but still he got 50p less. He rejected the deal and demanded his 50p. Situation started to deteriorate when Lynden aggressively threw the Americano back through the window, splattering the coffee literally everywhere. Sick of this drama, the staff in the end gave him the 50p and he finally went after one hour and fourteen minutes.

People were horrified ready this tragedy and didn’t hold back from telling him so. Some even called him a ‘baby’ for the way he handled the situation. One person was harsh enough to say that he unnecessarily created a fuss. He wasn’t expecting such hatred and so he deleted the tweets.