Couple Fake An Engagement Proposal For Free Drinks

Why decline something when we are getting something for free? A couple had a perfect plan for getting free drinks. The couple faked an engagement proposal so that they could have free drinks at the bar. And the onlookers believed them and offered them free drinks.

It’s just been a month that Corinne Miller, 29, and Adam Carroll, 28 were seeing each other and were together. The couple from Pratville, Alabama went on a trip to Atlanta to celebrate Corinne’s birthday last July. They already had too much expenditure on the trip and decided to save some money while ordering their drinks. The couple had a cunning plan in their mind so that they could get free drinks.

The couple acted out a romantic act and faked an engagement proposal. The bartender knew about the whole thing and was okay with it because he let some of them have free shots of vodka. Adam got on his knee and Corinne acted perfectly of being surprised as he went down on his knee. She acted perfectly and did some gestures such as covering her mouth in shock and happily accepting the proposal.

The people sitting around them were delighted by witnessing the scene and offered the couple some free drinks. As the proposal unfolded the onlookers fell into the couple’s deception. This is exactly what they wanted and was happy getting free drinks. After getting free drinks they moved to another bar to play out another romantic act for free drinks.

The couple enjoyed their trips and life because six months into their relation, Adam proposed on his birthday. Their close family and friends were there with the couple to cherish the moment. After blowing out the candles on his cake Adam went down on his knee and popped the question for real this time. Corinne was delighted and immediately said yes to his proposal. Adam’s friends and family were happy for them and cheered in delight.

Corinne shared that “We both have the exact same humour- that’s one of the main components of our relationship. People started buying us shots and congratulating us – it was hilarious and definitely a great way to get free drinks. It has definitely been a whirlwind romance. We were best friends for eight years before we were a couple and that trip to Atlanta was actually one of the first trips we had been on together. I’m happy we did it – it definitely saved us some cash so Adam could get me a real engagement ring!”

Guess their series of fake proposals for free drinks worked out after all. It paid off in the long run and all those free drinks and fake proposals were worth it. The couple might have had all the drinks of the life they wanted on earlier proposals but the couple will surely be having the time of their life with everything so real.

This time it was a surprise for Corinne and she did not have to fake her expressions. She was really surprised and happy. This time the couple might not be enjoying free drinks but they will have equal fun with a birthday cake slice. Hope they have more fun-filled moments in their lives with loads of free food and free drinks.