Couple Kicked Off From Their Flight Due To ‘Body Odor’

Every person follows their own set of rules and principles in life and belongs to distinct places with different traditions and cultures. One should take pride in their traditions and cultures and should respect others as well. An Orthodox Jewish couple was kicked off the Airplane because of their body odor has now sued the Airline company.

Yehuda Yosef Adler and Jennie Adler have filed a lawsuit against Fort Worth-based airline in Texas Court on the grounds of discrimination. According to the paperwork submitted by the couple, they filled a lawsuit that says that the couple was flying from Miami to Detroit with their 19-months-old daughter last January when the staff from the airline company asked them to leave the flight. After they got off the plane the staff explained to them why they were asked to leave the flight.

It was five minutes after they sat in the flight that the staff asked them to leave the flight due to an emergency. But they were later told that due to their ‘body odor’ they were asked to leave the flight. The couple claimed that the gate agent was very rude and said to them that he knew about the Orthodox Jewish tradition of taking a bath once in a week.

The couple was even wearing their traditional clothes on the flight, but when the People reached the airline company for their comment they told that the family was asked to leave the flight because of other passengers complaining about the body odor. They said “The decision was made out of concern for the comfort of our other passengers. None of the decisions made by our team in handling this sensitive situation were based on the Adlers’ religion.”

They even shared that the family’s stay and tickets for the next flight were taken care of by the airline company. The company booked a hotel for the family for the overnight stay and flight tickets to Detroit the next day. But the family also mentioned in their lawsuit that the flight took off with all their belongings. Their baby’s stroller, the car seat and all their luggage.

The family claims that despite their traditions they made a schedule so that they could take a bath on the day of their flight. And Mr. Adler bathed before coming to the airport and at no point in security check, they got any complaints of body odor. The family even surveyed 20 people from the start of the airport till they board the plane for body odor. But none complained about it.

The family is seeking punitive damages from the airline company. The family claimed that because of this whole incident they have suffered both emotionally and physically. They shared that they suffered “trauma, stigmatization, severe mental and emotional distress, depression, despair, repugnance, embarrassment, public humiliation, damage to personal and professional reputation, anxiety, fear, and apprehension associated with airports and flying, loss of appetite, insomnia, and migraines.”

The lawsuit states that “The Adlers are being pressured to see their race and religion as inferior to that of Whites, dirty and unwelcome.” A conference is scheduled for the lawsuit against the airline company on May,29 this year. There is no room to disrespect anybody’s traditions and cultures at any given point. One does not know what impact it may have on others.