Couple Opened Mental Health Café To Support People During Lockdown

People inside are isolated from the world and spending days inside without meeting any family or friend. This pandemic has really been hard for the world. As more and more cases have come, there also have been a second lockdown in Manchester, England.

With the time getting harder, it is always great to hear about some extremely special people out there who, unlike the most of us think about the emotional state of others. It makes us feel motivated and better about the world out there knowing there are people who want the best for people and think about the mental wellbeing for us all. A great example of this is a power couple, wives Kiera and Aimie. Kiera and Aimie run a ‘Feel Good Club’ which is a coffee house and bar in Manchester.

This beautiful café will remail open and running for takeaways even through the entire national lockdown.The ‘Feel Good Club’ is far more than just a place to get a nice cup of coffee and cake, even though it is important to mention that according to our sources this place has amazing coffee. The power couple has been together for 10 years now and also married for two. Kiera and Aimie are very passionate when it comes to positive mental health. This passion shines brightly through their venture.

This project is very unique, as it is said to have made with people in mind. The staff is mental health first aid-trained. Even the designing is as they said, a large open place with many lights and plants that are known to have a positive impact on people’s mental health and mood. The couple told the sources that they have carefully designed spaces for people to be comfortable, keeping in mind how some people can get overwhelmed with the spacing.

The café has an open space with windows where people can sit with their feet up or sit down as they feel. This place also has a green house. The inspiration to them came when Kiera was recovering from an eating disorder. While she was recovering, she started selling home-made soy candles but couldn’t keep up the demand. As the couple got married, the idea of teaming up came and created this beautiful café that has recently opened.

She also said that the entire staff is passionate about mental health and supporting others. The couple strives to serve what they call a ‘slice of normality’. We wish the best to them in doing so much for the people, serving warmth and goodness for people around them and spreading positivity and awareness all around.