Couple Shocked By Finding Hidden Speakers In New Neighborhood

Typically, when you find a new home and decide to move to a new locality, the process initiates a research about home design, planning, view, availability of essential services, nearby hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and general ambience. Something which is off the charts is the research about nature sounds and bird chirping, because we assume them to be a naturally occurring phenomenon.

This TikTok user from US noticed something was off in his new neighborhood and took his viewers on a virtual stroll in the street to prove that the natural sounds he heard outside from his newly built home did not sound very authentic after all.


Casey, who posts under name @cursedhome, explained in the video that he discovered something bizarre in his new home and did not think that this was normal. He noticed that the fake sounds were identifiable and kept on playing on a loop. Eventually the couple went to search for hidden speakers and discovered them hidden under rocks and pipes everywhere. He found this creepy and shared a video pulling out these mini speakers as proof. Casey shared his thoughts in his video clip saying that it was a bit scary that someone had installed these mini speakers everywhere to listen to fake nature sounds instead of real ones.

The video became viral and has been streamed over one million times along with a string of hilarious yet skeptical comments. One person commented if this was an impersonation of the Truman show. Another user replied whatever in the wandavision was going on. Wandavision is the hottest Hotstar plus stream at the moment and this comment was intended as a pun. Third person used dark humor that maybe this was a practice to lure animals back to their disrupted habitats. Fourth user joked that there might be a possibility of hidden cameras as well.

Other sections of people refused to believe that this incident was real. They thought that it was Casey who planted the speakers himself and all this was just an entertainment stunt pulled by him to attract viewers.