Couple Slammed For Dividing Guests Into Three Categories Based On Priorities

A couple sorted their guests into three categories for their wedding. While some liked the idea considering the global pandemic some thought it was rude of the couple to divide the guests into categories. The story was shared online and people had mixed reactions to this system of categories at the wedding.

It was difficult for many couples to move their date of the wedding because of the goal health crisis. The health ministries have issued precautionary guidelines with the lockdown so that people can take precautions while planning an event. It has become ever more difficult for couples to plan their wedding and tie their knots within the guidelines of the global pandemic. A couple tried a different system to ensure the guidelines are followed and the wedding goes on smoothly.

The couple sorted their guests into three categories -A, B, and C. The categories were made according to the priority of closeness and tell the family and friends in which group they fell. Well, some found this system interesting and practical considering the health crisis. But some believed it was rude and the couple could have tried something else to make everyone feel loved and welcomed.

The invites mentioned in which category the guests were and read: “Dear friends and family, please understand that our venue is limited in the number of guests we will be able to accommodate for our wedding day. As much as we would love to have every one of you join us on our big day, we are forced to split our guests into groups to ensure we do not surpass our capacity restrictions.”


It further read: “If possible, we encourage our guests to hire a babysitter for the night and leave your children at home. As much as we love kids, we are doing our best to make space for all the guests we can. We also ask for our single guests to forego their plus ones if possible. We appreciate your understanding.” The guests who were the first choice were placed in Group A, they were the guests from Group B and the guests from Group C were back-ups of back-ups.

If any additional vacant seats were to be filled by the guests of Group B and then by Group C. The guests from Group B and C were asked to keep a close watch on their wedding website. People felt humiliated and said the couple should have waited for the replies to the invites rather than categorizing and humiliating people on guessing whether they made it to the first cut or not. One wrote: “COVID or not, being put into prioritized ‘groups’ and then telling everyone which group they’re in is rude. I don’t want to attend a wedding that I’m only going to be invited to if someone else can’t go.”

But some agreed with the couple and wrote: “Yeah, this seems completely acceptable due to Covid-19 restrictions. I would not be offended to be in B or C.” Well, everyone has their opinions on it. We hope people do not feel left out and make it to the wedding.