Couple Transformed Their Boring Garden Space Into A Tropical Paradise

The covid-19 pandemic had been really tough for everyone. The lockdown restrictions posed by the world made it very difficult for people to travel the way they used to earlier. People craved for vacation at those times as they couldn’t even go for a getaway. They had to somehow look for ways that could help them pass their time at home and many took good use of it. They were actually productive. People started having the best of their time as they practiced new stuff. One such creative couple managed to transform their newly build home into a tropical paradise.

A thirty-two-year-old man named Chris Ensell and his thirty-one-year-old wife Anneka moved into their newly build home in Ackworth, West Yorkshire in 2018. The two went for their honeymoon to a Southeast Asian country, Sri Lanka. Inspired by their idyllic holiday destinations such as Thailand and Sri Lanka, both of them decided to recreate their garden space. Also, due to the lockdown restrictions they weren’t able to go for a holiday so they decided to make full use of their time as well as the boring space!

At the time when they moved into their new house, the garden was nothing more than a dried-out turf that hadn’t been watered since a long time. They thought of using the space considering that the house they had earlier didn’t have such a good garden space. Chris expressed that he wasn’t into gardening before the couple thought of that project. They wanted to make good use of it. The couple started renovating the old garden space during the summers in 2019. Their aim was to covert the boring space into their own calming oasis!

The couple picked up the tropical paradise theme for their garden as they loved their holidays in Thailand and Sri Lanka. Before designing, they took a lot of ideas from a place called Jim Thompsons, a house in Bangkok. That was their idyllic location as it was so calm and soothing. They wanted to recreate it so that whenever they stepped into their garden they would feel as if they were on a holiday! As the garden was completely turned into an Asian paradise, Chris explained that it wasn’t an easy job.

The newlywed faced a lot of difficulties. They did a lot of research on how to take good care of their plants. Chris said that it was pointless to spend loads of money on tropical plants and not be taking care of them. The couple owned around 300 different types of tropical plants which had a cost of around $1,500. The couple looked for unusual plants as they liked when people looked at their plants and were unaware of them. They attended various rare plant fairs to grab such plants!

Chris further explained that it was easier to look after the plants in summers as they just had to water them every morning and evening. But in winters they had to shift them in their greenhouse to keep them alive! The couple was elated by their efforts. They could see the garden as their own holiday space and oasis!