Crush Replied After Eight Years With A Lame Excuse

A woman named Sally was shocked after receiving a reply from the guy she fancied. She dated him about eight years ago. But he had suddenly stopped replying to her messages. The reason that he gave for his ghosting was a little stupid. The girl shared the conversation between them on a website.

Everyone has one or more crush in their life. These little moments of meeting the crush and spending time with them are really cute. However, things become a little difficult on chats. It takes a lot of courage to text that person. Waiting patiently for the reply is the most anxious task.

Sally, from Australia, received a text from a person whom she dated eight years and seven months ago. The text left her amused as she was not expecting that. She shared the screenshot of their conversation.

Both of them dated each other in July 2011. The date went well. The guy even messaged her on July 17, 2011. Sally, being a girl, played a little cool. She replied to his text on July 20, 2011. Everything was going fine. Even so, it was like both of them are not destined to be with others. The guy didn’t reply to her text afterward.

Recently, he messaged her giving a really bad excuse. He texted that he had an update on his phone. He had only received her message now. However, Sally didn’t reply to his message. Instead, she uploaded the screenshot to know about people’s opinions on this one.


Some people joked about him and his commitment issues. Many of them blamed him for ghosting and then showing up all of a sudden. One person among them wrote that he is the man of focus and commitment. Few of them joked about his sentence construction.They commented that even after an update, his autocorrect is not functioning properly.

Sally is the latest update in the line of people sharing stories about the dates which didn’t go well. However, her experience is not even close to what Kimberley Latham-Hawkesford went through. She had the worst date till now as per the stories shared.

Kimberley, 24-year-old, was given a list of ways in which she could improve herself. This was something enough for shattering the confidence of a young girl. No matter how bad the date went, these things affect the mental health of a person.

Nonetheless, the date was not good enough as well. Her date was constantly letting her down. He advised her to have plastic surgery to change her look. Moreover, when she offered to split the bill he rejected. The man paid the amount to show her how much money he had. Later, they bid their goodbyes.

Kimberley ignored the whole thing and didn’t think much about it. She was not even expecting any message from the guy. She didn’t text him either. But a message from the same man after three months left her shocked.

The man was justifying himself in the message. He explained why he didn’t message all those days. He disclosed that he was expecting the date to be better and she could have made it more amusing. Subsequently, he listed the things she should change in her. The changes included change in her appearance and personality as well.