Customers Slammed A Restaurant For Offering A Smaller Steak Called Ladies Steak

The Liverpool restaurant, Manhattan Bar and Grill, featured a “ladies” fillet steak on their menu. It is considered to be smaller in size as compared to the other steaks served in the restaurant. A food blogger, Vicky Andrews, shared the image of the steak options on the menu on his Twitter handle. The “Ladies fillet”, with a portion size of 80oz, was described as “one for the ladies! A beautiful 80 cut because we can….”. This specific dish for the lady’s costs around £18.95. The restaurant also serves New York Sirloin steak with a portion size of 12oz on their menu. It also offers fillet steak with a portion of 10oz and a T-bone steak with a portion size of 16oz.

Of course, after seeing the post, women weren’t quite impressed. They were furious with the fact that the restaurant distinguished the food they offered on the basis of gender by offering a smaller steak. One of the users commented that she’ll make sure that she has ‘man-size’ tissues ready before she tucked into her ‘lady’ steak’. Another user commented that she would prefer a big ole ribeye steak.


A third user commented, “Gender specific steak. Ridiculous, like gender specific gin, can’t be doing with it! Guess what people, women drink Navy Strength too you know and eat big steak!” One of the users even commented that they would leave the restaurant at once if they saw any food item based on gender. He also added, to remind the owner, that it was the year 2020 and not 1920. People also said that they were enraged on seeing this and asked whether the restaurant understands the climate of times.

While speaking to the Metro about the backlash that the ladies steak received, Karl, the owner of Manhattan Bar and Grill, said that all this ruckus gave the restaurant some publicity as it was a small family run business on Liverpool. He said that his restaurant had this dish on the menu since day one from 2015. He explained that the dish was well received and was always on demand from their lady’s customers. This was the reason that they named the dish ‘The Ladies Fillet’. It was considered to be a very popular dish and was one of their bestselling steaks.

Karl also said that even though the dish has received quite a criticism on its name online, he won’t be changing its name. He thought why change something that works.