Dad Became Autistic Daughter’s Prom Date When All Boys Refused

Raging hormones, screaming identity crisis and attempts to navigate through different levels of puberty is what marks one’s high school life. You just want to balance everything, your homework, your life, your clique, and your social circle. The basic idea is to survive until you reach college. However, for 17-years-old Tori Peri, things get a little more tough and complicated.

Tori who happens to be a high school senior at Batavia High School in New York was diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder in the seventh standard. And growing up with her condition has brought with it some extremities for the teen. Her dad, Mr. Thomas Peri in an interview went onto explain how his daughter had been a loner for most of her life. She never had a big friend circle. A lot of her friends are already in college now but Tori’s condition became a disadvantage for her. She would rather play with videogames and dolls than a crush on boys, which seemed to be no biggie for him.

However, he still felt his little girl was being kept away from a lot of experiences people her age have. Thus, not wanting to deprive her of what she deserves he decided to accompany her to the annual dance. The idea was not even on the list until a family in their neighborhood were kind enough to bring an extra gown for Tori. Also since Thomas never got a chance to go to his prom night he made sure his daughter did not miss out on hers.


Anna, Tori’s mother requested three young men to take her daughter to the dance, out of which two straight away said no. Therefore, not waiting any longer for the third to respond Thomas took the charge of being her daughter’s prom date on himself. And so he dressed in his well-ironed tuxedo to escort his daughter to her special night. Although the school doesn’t permit dates over 20 years of age, they made a special exception for Tori and her father.

The father-daughter duo also participated in all prom night ceremonies and rituals. Thomas also mentioned being awestruck when her daughter first stepped out in her beautiful dress with all her hair nicely done. They even went to her favorite florist to get her a bouquet. Ignoring the fact that Tori’s date was almost 50 years of age, the students welcomed him. Many also complimented the teen and despite a few odd expressions, the duo managed to dance all night followed by their favorite ice cream at the nearby Denny’s outlet.

Thomas Peri added that he doesn’t wish to be the last one doing this; he hopes to inspire people to let special kids have access to these beautiful moments.