Dad Cycled 200 Miles On Daughter’s Tiny Pink For Charity

Wesley Hamnett, 37, took a ride of more than 200 miles on his daughters’ tiny pink bike. He had lost his granddad last year because of cancer. The granddad was diagnosed with cancer for the second time before dying. He wanted to pay him tribute by raising funds for the people diagnosed with the same disease.

The original plan was cycling 1,250 miles from Russia to his homeland Wythenshawe, Manchester. He had bought the flight tickets as well. But due to this pandemic and lock down all over the world, there were restrictions imposed on traveling such a long distance. He had to cut short his miles.

When Wesley got to know that he had to take a short route he decided to make it more challenging for him. He came up with the idea of covering a little more than 200 miles, from Glasgow to Manchester, on the tiny bike. He added this obstacle to his journey to show the people his determination and convince more people to donate.

The bike belonged to Wesley’s eight-year-old daughter. It became a part of the family when his first daughter started learning cycling. It was the same bike on which his second daughter learned cycling. Nonetheless, the bike was close to the dad’s heart with so many emotional attachments. The dad of two expected people to understand his emotions and join with the cause.

Finally, the day came to implement all the plans. Wesley took the train to Glasgow and started his journey around 11 am from Glasgow. The aim was to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, Christie Charitable Fund, British Heart Foundation, and Wythenshawe Hospitals MFT Charity.

There were many difficulties in his way. Changing tires that were just 12 inches wide was not easy. He had to climb 1,350 feet height riding on the bike. The bike was not made for challenging situations like this. It was a small bike suitable for small children. The only challenge it could handle was to make small children learn how to ride bikes.

Wesley changed the tires eight times during his 6-day long journey. He motivated himself with the thought that with every uphill climb there is a downhill climb. He faced the downhill climb at Shap Summit in Cumbria. He described the feeling as scare but adventurous. He felt like a little kid running down the hill. He wanted to stop but couldn’t able to do so.

Wesley described the thought to ride a tiny bicycle as a mental thought. But it was a ride he would remember throughout his life. He is obliged with the support he gained from family and friends. Nonetheless, the investment of £100 on the bike was the best investment of his life.

They have raised £5000 till now. The people are donating every day and Wesley cannot be more thankful. He aspires to go on a trek from Russia to Manchester next spring for the noble cause. We wish him all the luck!