Dad Faced Drug Allegations Because Of A Typo

Human error is the cause of many problems. It is true that while working nobody can function properly and in the case of humans there is always room for error. But because of one human error, the life of a pregnant woman was turned upside down. Wrong allegations could have ended a strong family but attention was brought to the human error on time.

Chloe Balderson, 26-year-old is pregnant with her second child and she received a call from Derbyshire County Council’s children services saying that her ex-husband is addicted to heavy drugs. They accused the father of her second child with drug and alcohol addiction. On January 16 she was informed that Robert drank a bottle of vodka and is a regular user of Black Mamba.

She could not believe it and asked Robert about the same. When she asked him about Black Mamba he had no clue what it was and she thought that someone must have done it maliciously. She shared that “Rob is the most down-to-earth person. He was always the calm one. He doesn’t touch drink or drugs. ‘I thought “somebody has done this maliciously.” That’s all I could put it down to. He didn’t even know what Mamba was when I asked him.”

After a week things stirred up again when she received another call from child services repeating the allegations. They added that they would investigate the family to ensure the safety of the children. Chloe shared the level of stress it caused her as she is pregnant with her second child with Robert. She shared “At this point I am feeling sick, very stressed, six weeks until my due date and I start to question what on earth is going on. ‘My health visitor stressed that she would have to come out and see both my children and speak to them because they have received a second referral.”

She was continuously questioning her husband because she was unable to get the grip of the story. But on January 23 her prayers were finally answered when the family got all the answers to their questions. The child services again called and told that there was a massive police error. Chloe was contacted by the Derbyshire Police and they apologized to the family.

She shared what had happened “A female officer from Chesterfield police had misspelled a man’s surname that is very similar to Rob’s surname. The misspelling brought up Rob’s details. They then noticed that he has a son and that triggered a referral to children’s services.”

This had a major effect on her health and she shared “My life has been tipped upside down with the stress and the arguments it has caused. This could have easily destroyed a vulnerable family. I’m not vulnerable so I will be fine, but what about families that aren’t as strong?” The spokesperson of the Police ensured that they ensure the highest degree of integrity when it comes to the identity and data concerned with the public.

The Police further ensure that since the whole mess was created the police have contacted the people concerned and apologized both telephonically and in a letter. They know that a lot of stress and misunderstandings were caused between family and friends and they are extremely sorry for the same.