Dad Fed Mc-Nuggets To Vegan Daughter Without Telling His Ex-Wife

We’re living in an era where everyone’s independent to choose the lifestyle and diet on their own. Whether you prefer to be a vegan or if you’re adamant about eating an animal-based diet, it should be completely your decision. And it’s also obvious for the kids to go with their parent’s choice as long as they aren’t old enough to make one for their own.

This was what a couple had been opting to go for. As they are both vegan, they might as well want their child to be raised as a vegan. The mother had become vegan when she moved in with her ex as he was a vegan too and didn’t want to have animal products inside their home. She further explained that she became more aware of what she was eating. Moreover, she was vegan while being pregnant and also had been raising her daughter the same way for over eight years.

Now when the couple divorced due to their trust issues, they continued raising their daughter together and making amendments only if both are on the same page. But soon she noticed her child’s proclivity to prefer meat when she’s hungry. Once she picked her daughter from her ex’s house, she offered her an apple when she was hungry. However, she longed to have chicken nuggets after seeing McDonald’s on their way back home.

“She has a full-blown meltdown demanding chicken nuggets. We get home and she’s, like, blowing snot bubbles she’s so enraged. She howls her way through a bowl of leftover soup,” says the mom. Although they had chicken nuggets in the freezer, she was reluctant to offer them to her daughter. Now she seems to be a terrible mother as the dad never stopped her from having chicken nuggets but she did.

The following day, the daughter felt bad for being outraged and thought if she made her mom disappointed with her longingness to eating meat. The mom kept her reassuring that she feels nothing wrong about it but on the other hand, she was unhappy with the kind of behavior she had after not getting what she wanted. It wasn’t her daughter’s wish that made her infuriated, but the prior knowledge that had been kept off from her.

Well, it’s one of the decisions that should’ve been brought to her notice. She called her ex-husband right away and he replied that he knew she’d overreact and also, he doesn’t need to inform her about every single instance of the moment when he’s with the daughter. What made the mother angrier was the reason that there are several vegan options at McDonald’s and all he could think of feeding her was meat. For her, it’s the same guy who didn’t allow her to have Oreos during pregnancy.

People had divided opinions where some agreed that she should’ve been informed while some insisted the woman not to be controlling. Well, she gave an update that she and her ex are okay with her eating habits and they’ve also been helping her to cook her meals on her own.