Dad Feels Mom Is Turning Daughters In Bullies By Promoting Rude Behavior

A Reddit user brought out his struggle with his wife for putting their two girls- five-year-old and seven-year-old in line with decent ways and means. According to him, his daughters had turned mean owing to his wife’s leniency, who had to live with the sword of discipline hanging over her head during her childhood. It was sowing fights between them.

Things go awful when parents lock horns with each other. The difference in ways of rearing their kids can make the family off the tracks and create some deep fault lines. It ravages the peaceful atmosphere in the home, battering the efforts to reconcile. A Reddit user found a similar kind of situation building up in his home when he differed with his wife over their daughters’ upbringing.

The father of a five-year-old and seven-year-old girls saw the torrent of besets blooming in his house with his daughters crossing their lines. The two girls were growing mean; throwing away their decent ways. They would not mind their age and pass disturbing comments. Not just that, they would also either try to make everybody kneel before them or inflict insults at them.

He traced their growing unpleasant behavior to his wife’s lenient approach. The woman had spent her childhood in the scorching heat of discipline. Her mother had denied her the childhood freedoms in the name of strictness. Having borne the brunt of a disciplined childhood, she was in no mood to pick the same for her daughters. Thus, she never mustered the courage to manage their lives strictly. However, it was paying her family dearly.

AITA for telling my wife that she’s creating mini bullies? from AmItheAsshole

The man tried to discuss the matter with her but in vain. She would brush aside their indecent behavior in the name of their innocence. Also, she felt the bossy kids be the leaders in the future. The growing differences between the couple made them caught up some fights.

Finally, the situation reached the height one day. The couple tried to leverage the easing lockdown in their area by planning a date. So they left the girls with a babysitter to spend some time together. When they returned, the babysitter was up with her complaints about the rude behavior of the girls. Surprisingly, the mother shoved the issue away. Finally, the father had to step in to offer an apology.

It made them take up a terrible fight that sustained for days.

He then turned to Reddit world to share his agonies. Taking on the babysitter incident, he said, “When we returned, our babysitter informed us that our youngest kept telling her she had a ‘big tummy’ and asked when she was going to lose weight. My wife thought it was funny. The sitter did not. She said when she told the kids it wasn’t appropriate, they laughed. I apologized. Once she left, it lead to a fight with my wife”.

The users turned to bolster the thoughts of the man. One said, “It’s one thing if your kid takes charge at a playdate and assigns roles for everyone in say, playing house. Making nasty comments to people has nothing to do with being bossy or being a leader. Harassing a babysitter about her weight has nothing to do with that. It’s just being mean and definitely has no correlation at all to being a leader later in life”.

Some even called his wife a bully.

Hopefully, the couple would have found a midway to take on the upbringing of their kids.