Dad Finds Out Eight-Year-Old Kid Put On A Diet By Mom

A little child won’t be anxious for body issues on its own; it’d rather be passed on by someone else. There was an oddity when a dad finds that the mother is feeding their daughter with such negativity. He stated it himself that his daughter is a little chubby but it is alright with the kids of her age. However, he could notice some of her strange behavior when it came to relishing several foods for contentment.

What’s strange here is that his daughter even addressed other kids at a birthday party on how cake affects our health and also avoided it when she was offered to have a piece. When this dad saw her feeling uneasy with her clothes, he finally decided to talk to her about it. He said: “Recently, as I’ve been around her more, I’ve noticed her mannerisms. She always pulls at her shirt, hunched over, etc. So today, I asked her if anything was wrong, and she told me that she was fat. I asked her why she thought that, and she flat-out said ‘mommy told me.'”

AITA for being angry that my wife put our daughter on a diet? from AmItheAsshole

He went up to his wife asking her if the concern was true. To his surprise, it actually was. He inquired her more as it is unjust to a little girl. Then the mother began with her story when she was a fat kid and her mother always lied to her about it. She also explained that her mother would’ve punished her if she ever talked about weight loss. However, she perceived that she was fat due to the nasty comments made at her in the school. She added: “I’ll be d—ed if I ever let that happen to our daughter.”

The dad baited the mom for ruining their daughter’s life. But she believed it to be more frustrating if the girl had got to know about it from other kids. After a full-fledged discussion, he knew that she was completely riveted with what she had said. He knew where it was coming from. His wife’s mother was abusive. Plus, she was also anorexic for more than 10 years.

With literal disgust, people were disheartened after learning this mess. A person told that it can lead to eating disorders whereas diet isn’t the answer. It is better to teach the kid about healthy foods and exercises. Telling her she is fat would eventually bring down her confidence, self-esteem, social skills, and body image. It’s great if she’s told she is beautiful.

Other people advised that the woman should also be in touch with a counselor as she might have been in childhood trauma. If she is actually concerned for the daughter, she should be consulting a pediatrician or nutritionist. Talking to the daughter if she is interested in any sports would help. It’d be even better to see a therapist for the kid as it may have affected her mental health.