Dad Let Daughter Eat Allergy Causing Ice-cream Since He Had An EpiPen

A pool bar staff member named Nikki shared an incident that made her go hysterical. She was busy doing her shift. Then a girl came up for an ice-cream with her dad. She was allergic to nuts. Despite that, she was adamant on getting a cone. Dad asked Nikki to serve her and put forward the power of an EpiPen.

It is not odd to find people around us toiling with different allergies. Thanks to the medical bounties, the afflicted souls are taking a sigh of relief. But with that comfort, the patients have started to resort to the EpiPen more often. Sometimes they end up neglecting the pending disaster by blinding putting in their faith in the anti-allergic doses. Shedding light on that fact, a pool bar worker named Nikki shared a shocking incident.

Nikki was busy in meeting her professional standards when she was doing her shift at the bar. Then a little girl appeared before her. She asked her for an ice-cream. But then she paused, thought something and ran to her dad. Finally, she turned up again with her dad. Nikki was trying to figure out the whole scene.

Putting her anxieties to rest, the dad told her that his daughter was allergic to nuts. So he wanted her to serve the little nugget with the suitable contents. Nikki braced up for the order. She grabbed the details and went ahead to make the right pick for the girl. Before that, she explained essential bits to her dad to relieve him of his concerns. Also, she had noticed the girl enjoying herself around the bar. So she went ahead to put some caveats in her minds.

She explained that she should abstain from while roaming in the hotel to cut down the chances of unfortunate fate.

I will put my daughter at risk if I want to. from entitledparents

Nikki washed her hands properly and took a cup and a spoon from another set of utensils. Then she served the ice-cream to the girl. But the girl was not up for the cup! She wanted to cherish her fruity delight in a cone. According to Nikki, cones are not free from nuts. She tried to put that before the girl. But the little nugget was not in the mood to take her hands on the cup.

Then her dad took his turn to put the matter down. Nikki looked up at him expecting that he would explain the things better to his daughter. But her expectations went down into pieces. To her horror, the dad supported his daughter and asked Nikki to get her a cone! Nikki could not believe her eyes. To drive away her fears, he put forward the power of EpiPen dose.

Putting her in bewilderment, he said, “You know what, give her the cone. I have the Epinephrine injection (EpiPen) here. I will give it to her so she can have that cone – I will risk it if I want to”. Shedding light on that moment, Nikki shared, “My head just exploded. Are you kidding me? I don’t know, maybe that is for an ACTUAL EMERGENCY?”

Not just that one more soul came up to share her story. Her friend was keen to have peanut butter in spite of her nut allergy.

Thus, the incident threw light on the growing dependency on anti-allergic doses. Hopefully, it would have opened the long shut eyes and spread the pearls of awareness across the globe.